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A hét idézete

2017. 11. 21. 17:47 - Írta: human

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Engem is meglep, hogy a Dirk Gently mennyire feléledt itthon. Na, lássuk, hogy a múlt héten volt-e másban is jó duma. Felírtatok valamit?

A már lejárt kedvenceitek:

“This music sounds like robots being tortured by monkeys!” – Dirk Gently

“Kilmer. My name is Val Kilmer.” – Supernatural

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Alain Prosztó - 2017. 11. 21. 18:12

– Do either of you know what the Terrorelhárítási Központ is?
– It’s a hell of a score in scrabble.
(Strike Back s06e03)

– Vogle, we’ve been through this. This is not Mars!
– But it might be Canada…
(Dirk Gently s02e06)

johndoe - 2017. 11. 21. 18:36

Future Man:

– Oh my God, this is the night that my parents meet!
– Oh, dude. Your parents never met? That’s fucked up.

– I can’t Wolf. I’m a house
– No. You’re a home

Edrick - 2017. 11. 21. 20:18

– Hey, Drummer, one of the Martians is touching me again!
– Vogel, we’ve been through this! This is not Mars.
– But it might be Canada..
– It’s not Canada, Cross.
– That guy’s Canadian!
– We are in the woods right now!
– That’s Canada!

– Are you back to being scared of me?
– Mm-hmm.
– Why?
– You tried to kill me.
– This again?
– Yeah, sorry. This forever.

“Did it! That’s my new thing. “Did it!””

Dirk Gently 2×06

emese - 2017. 11. 21. 20:44

Mivel Dirk Gently-nél nem nagyon fut jobb dumákkal sorozat jelenleg, így legyen:

“Did it!” That’s my new thing. “Did it!””
Dirk Gently 2×06

Claire8310 - 2017. 11. 21. 21:03

Dirk Gentlyből megint rengeteg volt, de legyen Mr. Priest félig röhögve, fegyverrel:
“-Oh no the door is closed, how will I ever get inside?”

És hát Supernatural Tombstone párbeszéde

– Just act like you’re from Tombstone.
– The city?
– The movie. With Kurt Russell? I made you watch it!
– Yeah, yeah. The one with guns and tuberculosis.

Flanker - 2017. 11. 21. 21:23

Do either of you know what the Terrorelhárítási Központ is?
– It’s a hell of a score in scrabble.

heidfeld - 2017. 11. 21. 21:56

Legends of Tomorrow 3×06
Pont Sara szájából volt ez furcsa, Helen-t elnézve:
“Recon Only! Nobody move on her!!
Feküdtem a nevetéstől.

Brynden Rivers - 2017. 11. 22. 07:20

“Did it!” That’s my new thing. “Did it!””
Dirk Gently 2×06

luki17 - 2017. 11. 22. 11:26

The Flash:

“Sometimes you are a wizard Harry!”
*Aztán 2 másodperces HP-re emlékeztető zene.*

Vas - 2017. 11. 22. 11:34

“You are a wizard, Harry!”

The Flash, hatalmas volt :D

Enzo - 2017. 11. 23. 01:05

Végre visszatért Negan, úgyhogy végre van idézet, amit beírhatok ide, olyan sorozatból, amivel nem vagyok csúnyán lemaradva…
úgyhogy legyen 5 db egyből :D

“-Negan, I don’t like killing people any more than you do.
-I like killing people.
-Oh.” :D /Gregory & Negan/

“You know what I think, Gregory? I think you’re playing both sides. I think you are a thin-dicked politician threading the needle with your thin, thin dick.” :D /Negan/

“-These are putrid, decaying organs, dead blood, piss, and shit that have been cooking all day in the Virginian sun. *sigh* None of your people ever gotten sick from this?
-We’re from Georgia.” :DD /Negan & Gabriel/ (nem tudom miért vicces, de vicces)

“Well, here’s a little refresher on who the hell I am.
I wear a leather jacket, I have Lucille, and my nutsack is made of steel.
I am not dying until I am damn good and ready.
Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I am in deep need of a sandwich, a shower, and some of that, uh, wilting lion orchid deep-tissue shit that Frankie learned in San Francisco.
Hell, I might do it all at once.” :DDD /Negan/
(ez nyert)

“We’ve eaten dog together, so I imagine that joins us in some manner for life.” :D /Eugene/

Thomas_cs - 2017. 11. 24. 20:06

The Punisher:1×12

“God damn, Frenkie
I love to watch your work.”

Frank jó munkát végzett :).

Thomas_cs - 2017. 11. 24. 20:11

Bocs elírtam egy kicsit, helyesen:

“God damn, Frenkie
I love to watch you work.”

Tyberius06 - 2017. 11. 26. 22:50


Ez nem teljesen illik ide, de épp most nézem a Star Trek Voyagert és a 3×08-ban hangzik el ez a kis szösszenet! :D

– Paris: Ah… the sun feels great.
– Tuvok: Thermal and ultraviolet radiation are at hazardous levels.
– Paris: Oh, lighten up, Tuvok. This was a great time and place and you’re getting
to see it firsthand.
Come on, take off your shirt.
– Tuvok: And risk dermal dysplasia? No, thank you.
– Paris: Vulcans… deep down you’re all a bunch
of hypochondriacs.

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