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A hét idézete

2018. 03. 14. 22:01 - Írta: human

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Felírtatok valamit? Elég sok heti sorozat megy épp, májusig pörög az üzem, meg persze utána is a kábeles mókák. A már lejárt kedvenceitek: “We’re kind of like, the all-stars of bad first impressions.” – Legends of Tomorrow, “We have a small but active fan base.” – Agents of SHIELD.

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Stagyar-zil-Doggo - 2018. 03. 14. 22:21

Jessica Jones 2×06
“Fish were hurt. People were terrorized. We just wanna find the people responsible.”

Alain Prosztó - 2018. 03. 14. 22:33

+1 a fenti Jessica Jones-idézetre, nekem is ez volt felírva.

Enzo - 2018. 03. 15. 02:31

“-I think a more biblical approach for maximum fright may be in order. We could rig several medieval-style catapults, start launching undead arms, legs, torsos over their defenses, maybe heads or, you know, big piles of guts. You know, pure psych-ops. I mean, there’s some really traumatic theatrics there.
-Thank you. I do believe a rose just sprang out of that pile of shit.” :D /Eugene és Negan, TWD 8×11/

Futottak még:

“-What about that forest on Level 27?
-You mean an overwhelming collection of branchy things with birds and bugs and the floor all covered in worms? Are you kidding? That’s…that’s a horror show.
-Okay, triple check.” :D /Deke & Skye, SHIELD 5×12/

“-You’re, uh…you’re real, right? Please tell me you’re real.
-Would that make this any less awkward?
-Good.” :D /Coulson & Mike, SHIELD 5×12/

“Nobody on the line without gloves and proper eye protection.” :D /Eugene a csajra, TWD 8×11/

Insane - 2018. 03. 15. 18:00

Nekem ez tetszett:

“- Do you remember my brother?
– I don’t know. What did he taste like?”
/Channel Zero 3×06/

Dalmayr - 2018. 03. 16. 10:12

-He may be our guy.
-But i’m 100% sure, that he’s innocent.
-Based on what?
-The fact, that he may be my future soulmate.
-He may be a future inmate, Liv.

iZombie 4×03

Kowimen - 2018. 03. 16. 11:40

– Have you not seen “Spider-Man 2”?
– No.
– How can you live with yourself?

The Flash 4×16

oligaliga - 2018. 03. 18. 20:49

Gotham 4×14

“I got more contacts in the Narrows than any of you. I’m gonna find her, alone. Once I find my pants.”

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