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2019. 05. 07. 16:50 - Írta: human

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És most mit írtatok fel? Ne kelljen csalódnom! Az előző adagban a Veep-eket még úgy is jó volt olvasni, hogy nem is nézem.

A már lejárt darabok:

“- What do we say to the God of Death?
– Not today.” — Game of Thrones

“Well, this has been a dry fuck on a sandy beach.” – Veep

15 hozzászólás Ne habozz!

johndoe - 2019. 05. 07. 18:33

“That’s right, only three more episodes with the greatest lead-in in modern television history and I’m burning one of them on Lethal Injections” – Last Week Tonight

Clairefield - 2019. 05. 07. 20:04

“Now, gaze into the nipple” – Legends of Tomorrow

Benjy - 2019. 05. 07. 22:49

Veep – 7×06

“As the former president of the United States, truth and justice can gargle by balls.”

Benjy - 2019. 05. 07. 23:01

Bocsi ezek lemaradtak Veepből

“I can’t believe you gave him chikenpox. I always pegged you as an AIDS guy”

“-Jonah, your anti-vaccination message is bringing together an unheard of mix of orthodox Jews, uneducated fringe conspiracists and kombucha douching private schools moms.
“-That’s the real America.”

“I felt like the Grim Reaper just dropped his scythe and started eating me out!”

“-Jonah Ryan has as much of a chance of becoming president as a stack of retarded racoons in a trench coat, but if anyone’s crawling out of our cesspool of a state to became his Ag Sec it’s gonna be this pigfucker.
-I didn’t realize it was a job requirement.”

DarkEagle - 2019. 05. 07. 23:46

“Dracarys” GOT 8×04

Shiwo - 2019. 05. 08. 05:16

“- How many others know?
– Including us? Eight.
– Well, then it’s not a secret anymore. It’s information.”

GoT S08E04

kriol - 2019. 05. 08. 15:27

The 100 6×01

“Anything better than ‘We’re back, bitches!’”

Narakh - 2019. 05. 08. 19:56

„May the devil cut the fucking toes off our fucking foes, so that we may know them by their limping. Amen.” – Warrior 1×05

Enzo - 2019. 05. 08. 20:47

“-If I could, I’d go back and do things differently, but I can’t. None of us can. For some reason, Monty thought we deserved a second chance.
-Not for nothing, but this is, like, your fifth chance.” :DD /Murphy, The 100 6×01/
(meg az előző is jó)

Kitana - 2019. 05. 08. 23:18

“Now, gaze into the nipple!” – Legends of Tomorrow 4×14

Sherlock20 - 2019. 05. 09. 09:54

“The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all. What can we do then?”
Chernobyl 1×01

csb - 2019. 05. 09. 10:54

“Sorry you killed your own father
and I wasn’t there to see it”

Veep 7×06

Llew - 2019. 05. 09. 21:01

Game of Thrones 8×04

– Vomiting is not celebrating.
– Yes it is.

Berann Morak - 2019. 05. 11. 18:05

“Now, gaze into the nipple!”- Legends of Tomorrow 4×14

mrc - 2019. 05. 14. 16:38

“- How many others know?
– Including us? Eight.
– Well, then it’s not a secret anymore. It’s information.”

Game of Thrones 8×04

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