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2019. 06. 23. 22:22 - Írta: human

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Hiába egyre erősebb a nyár, valamiért itt teljesen szétszóródtok a sokfajta sorozat felé, nincs igazi idézgetés emiatt. Vagy nem tudom az okokat. Szóval haviba vált a rovat szeptemberig. De ez ne akadályozzon meg senkit az idézgetésben, hiszen rengeteg új dolog jött, azt sejtem winnie mit fog beírni, ha épp van kedve, de részemről: “A threat? No. It’s a fuck you! ” – City on a Hill


13 hozzászólás Ne habozz!

Uatu - 2019. 06. 23. 23:17

Agents of SHIELD 6×06

Fitz: Didn’t know you liked that.
Jemma: Didn’t know you’d do that.

spamdog - 2019. 06. 23. 23:54

– “Why worry about something that isn’t going to happen?”
– “We should put that on our money.”

Chernobyl 1×05

FP Jones - 2019. 06. 24. 05:32

Sic mundus creatus est. (Dark)

Gevin - 2019. 06. 24. 11:42

Mar beirtam az elozohoz, de legyen meg itt is.

Human +1

“A threat? No. It’s a fuck you! ” – City on a Hill

stigi - 2019. 06. 24. 20:36

Elég hosszú, de ez a Too Old to Die Young 1×04(nézi még valaki egyáltalán rajtam kívül?)

Once there was just men and nature. Then men came bearing crosses. We used to believe that we were the center of the universe. That the sun and the stars all revolved around us. And we spent the last 500 years since Copernicus, in this slow crawl to where we are now; to this pinnacle of human achievement. Where we finally bent nature to our will. We split the atom. We broke the fabric of reality. That’s how far we’ve come. Now the lights of our cities stretch further than the stars in the sky. But the more perfect society gets, the more psychotic we become. We evolved through brutality. That’s why we had teeth and claws. Self preservation was the highest law. But as time went on, the pack began to provide for us and we abandoned our violent nature. But it never went away. Laid beside us in our sleep. Waiting. And as it waited, we became slaves to the systems we built. Now it’s all falling apart. Soon our cities will be washed away by floods. Buried in sand. Burned to the ground. That’s why you found me. Because you’re no longer blind to all this… As the world fractures, someone has to be there to protect the innocence.

polovcev - 2019. 06. 25. 20:43

“-My legs are like jelly. My mind’s racing. Is this love?
-No. We just passed the hat factory. You’re off your tits
on airborne Mercury.”

Year of the Rabbit 1X02

asd - 2019. 06. 25. 21:14

Sic mundus creatus est. (Dark)

mSO - 2019. 06. 29. 12:56

Agents of SHIELD 6×06

Fitz: Didn’t know you liked that.
Jemma: Didn’t know you’d do that.

kietlen - 2019. 06. 30. 13:05

I don’t think I have an attention span for real life anymore.


syxa - 2019. 06. 30. 21:34

Krypton 2×03
“What is it that you truly desire?”
(Rögtön a Lucifer jutott az eszembe. :D)

Benjy - 2019. 07. 06. 23:47

Stranger Things 3

“You did it! You won a fight!”

“- Hold the ride!
– Not on your life, Magnum!”

andras_a - 2019. 07. 09. 10:48

“The answer to a never-ending story” (Stranger Things)

sebien - 2019. 07. 09. 21:55

american ninja warrior 11×06

Akbar Gbajabiamila: “he just put a ring on it, oh oh oh”

és +1 a “you did it! you wona fight!”-ra

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