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2021. 10. 13. 21:55 - Írta: human

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Tudom, ment a Ted Lasso, de a mellett még mi jut eszetekbe? Utána majd tényleg hetire váltunk, most már sok új sorozat fut, remélem lesz elég alapanyag a régóta pihentetett rovathoz.

6 hozzászólás Ne habozz!

Mammut - 2021. 10. 14. 09:36

Better than syrup?! (Sweet Tooth)

Shannen - 2021. 10. 14. 11:20

“Skoden!” – Reservation Dogs

A jó memóriával rendelkezők majd biztos írnak jobbat, de az elmúlt hónapokból nekem ez maradt meg leginkább.

wertert - 2021. 10. 14. 23:06

“Jeff, I have to go.” (Ted Lasso)

Enzo - 2021. 10. 15. 00:59

Wow, 4 hónap után visszatért a rovat, juhé! :)

Akkor már hadd dobjak be 1-nél többet :D

Ted Lasso 2×03 levéldiktálás:
-Hey, dick hole.
-“Dear Richard Cole.”
-You creepy old pedo.
-“My old friend.”
-Sam isn’t going anywhere, asshole.
-“I have decided not to release Sam Obisanya.”
-You’re a shitty old man with a tiny, shriveled penis. I feel sorry for your wife. Her life must be a constant hell.
-“Please give Daphne my love.”
-Sincerely, boss ass bitch.
-“Sincerely, boss ass bitch.” :DD

“Oi! This is Isaac. These are all the other f*cks. You’re with them.” :DD

“-Is that a f*cking apple?
-Yeah. I got it from a tree outside. Tastes like dead people.” :DD

“Unnervingly accurate charcoal sketches of breasts, yes. There were more, but some of the boys stole them and I think are using them as currency.” :DD

És legyen egy What If is a végére:
“-Come, this way, Sorcerer Armani.
-No, it’s Strange.
-Not any stranger than any other name in this world.” :DD

Aztán másból most nem is jut eszembe idézet, úgyhogy ennyi. :D

Scat - 2021. 10. 16. 20:23

Azt hiszem, ez egy történelmi pillanat volt a magyar Survivorben:

„Joe, álljunk már le egy percre (…)!”

e-batta - 2021. 10. 17. 13:28

Én is erre vártam már egy jó ideje. Nekem a Never Have I Ever…-ből vannak jó kis idézeteim, bár így beleolvasva kellenének hozzá a jelenetek is, mert tényleg nagyon sokat ad hozzá a színészek játék, vagy McEnroe narrátorkodása:

Nalini: Are you kissing? Your father’s ashes have barely begun to drift out to sea. […] What are you gonna do at my funeral? Just have sex on top of my grave? I pray it’s a closed casket.

Nalininak mondja az anyósa Indiában:
I love having you here, but you are too westernized now. I saw you reach for the seat belt in the car. It was quite insulting to the driver.

Manish Devinek: The point is, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and proximity makes the heart want to barf, so you get back to that group and you let that boy annoy the hell out of you.

Nalini: What are you doing here?
Devi: Uh, stealing money.
N: Huh? For what?
D: I just don’t have any because I’m a kid.

Dr. Jamie Ryan (Devi pszichológusa): I am sitting here wearing a giant turquoise statement necklace, and you haven’t made one crack about it. Something’s up.
[a terápia végén]
Devi: You’re pretty smart for someone who has Cookie Monster’s turd around her neck.
Dr.: There she is!

Devi: And someone was too cheap to pay for the cloud.
Nalini: I refuse to pay for something invisible.

John McEnroe (narrátor): Did he just call her “pal”? That’s what you call the ball boy at the US Open, not a girl you made out with for a zillion hours last night.

Paxton Devinek: Hey. You should tell your mom that she needs to clean the gutters. I think there’s an Amazon delivery drone stuck in there.

Fabiola: Thanks, El, for bringing all these dresses over, but it’s not very utilitarian. Like where do I put my TI-84?
Eleanor: In a drawer at home.

Devi: I can’t be your secret hookup. That’s not who I am. I want a boyfriend who’ll take me to the dance, hold my hand, and let me sit in his lap while we share a chicken sandwich.
Paxton: That last one was very specific.

Eleanor Devinek: Yeah. I’m really sorry my dress almost suffocated you. It really demands more space than a two-door vehicle.

Paxton Devinek: As your boyfriend.
John McEnroe (üvöltve): It’s happening! It’s happening! Shit! We’ve waited so long for this. Sorry, having champagne. I’ll turn my mic off.

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